Азийн Хөгжлийн Банк нь Баянхошуу, Сэлбэ дэд бүтцийн төсөл хэрэгжихтэй холбоотой Нөхөн олговорын зориулалттай үнэлгээ хийх үнэлгээчдийг сонгон шалгаруулах тендер зарласан байгаа тул үнэлгээчид материалаа заасан хугацаанд ирүүлэн оролцоно уу.

Дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээллийг: Дараах линкээр ҮЗЭХ боломжтой.

The Asian Development Bank requires the services of a Land Valuation Expert to provide support to MFF
0078-MON (Tranche 1) by carrying out valuation of land and properties within the project areas of
Bayankhoshuu and Selbe subcenters.

The purpose of the valuation is to determine the market value of land and the full replacement value of
immovable properties in Selbe and Bayankhoshuu subcenters and compare this valuation results with the
valuation results carried out in 2017 by the valuer engaged by the program management office (PMO) of
the Ulaanbaatar Urban Services and Ger Areas Development Investment Program (USGADIP). Market value, as
defined, is the estimated amount of money for which a property should exchange on the date of valuation,
between willing buyer and willing seller in the arm’s length transaction after proper marketing wherein
the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently, and without compulsion.

Scope of Work

The Land Valuation Expert is tasked to carry out valuation of land and properties within the project
areas of Bayankhoshuu and Selbe subcenters. The expert and the PMO should choose the land parcels to be
valued in the Bayankhoshuu and Selbe subcenters. There are land parcels that were valued previously but
not completely, or valued as partially affected and therefore needs to be valued fully.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The expert must carry out the valuation in accordance with Mongolian Valuation Standards and
International Valuation Standards (IVS). The valuation currency must be prepared in Mongolian tugrik
(MNT). The valuation methodology will be same as the methodology used in the valuation of land and
properties in Bayankhoshuu and Selbe subcenters by the valuer engaged by the PMO.

In accordance with the IVS, “The process of valuation requires the valuer to make impartial judgments as
to the reliability of inputs and assumptions. For a valuation to be credible, it is important that those
judgments are made in a way that promotes transparency and minimizes the influence of any subjective
factors on the process. Judgment used in a valuation must be applied objectively to avoid biased
analyses, opinions, and conclusions. It is a fundamental expectation that, when applying these
standards, appropriate controls and procedures are in place to ensure the necessary degree of
objectivity in the valuation process so that the results are free from bias.”

The report must be sufficient to communicate the scope of valuation assignment, the work performed, and
conclusions reached. The report must set out a clear and accurate description of the scope of the
assignment, its purpose and intended use (including any limitations on that use) and disclosure of any
assumptions and special assumptions (IVS, bases of value), significant uncertainty or limiting
conditions that directly affect the valuation. The valuation report should include the following
(a) Scope of work performed
(b) Approach or approaches adopted
(c) Method or methods applied
(d) Key inputs used
(e) Assumptions made
(f) Conclusion of value and principal reasons for any conclusions reached
(g) Comparison of 2017 and 2018 valuation results
(h) Date of report (which may differ from the valuation date)

Minimum Qualification Requirements:
The land valuation expert should have at least a Bachelor's degree in engineering or other related
fields, a certified appraiser, and has 5 years of relevant land valuation work experience. Good writing
skills in English and experience in report writing will be preferable.

Minimum General Experience: 5 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 5 Years